Activation code


80   USD



part number: A2-CODE

◆When you enter the activation code, it usually takes 1-2 hours to activate. This is related to your network speed. If you can't use it after waiting for a long time, you can write to me, it is best to tell us your WhatsApp, communicate with you faster, please rest assured, we will keep your private information confidential.

◆We only sell the original code, this code can only be used for Brazilian IPTV box A1 / A2 / HTV / IPTV 5 / IPTV 6 / king. Cannot be used with other TV boxes.

◆The Brazilian TV box activation code is 1 year and we will extend it to 400 days. The activation code sold by other sellers is not guaranteed to have the same time and is original.

◆Please note: There is only a 16-digit activation code, not including the TV box, which is guaranteed for one year. If your Brazilian IPTV box encounters any difficulties, our engineers can help you solve the problem. No matter where you buy the IPTV BOX, you can write to us or write to us after purchasing our CODE. The premise is that the IPTV BOX you purchased is original.


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